Covid Guidance from Grand Lodge 
Covid is on the rise again, however it is clear that in the vast majority of people, serious illness is avoided if double vaccinated even should they fall ill.  Symptomatic infection in those who have received a booster (third) vaccination is reduced even further.

UGLE remains of the view that, until such time as government guidance changes to prevent it, those lodges and chapters that wish to meet should be enabled and encouraged to do so.  Notwithstanding this, no individual should be coerced into attending and members should feel free to wear masks and to distance during meetings should they so desire.

In similarity to a number of other national group events (For example the Festival of Remembrance) which are planned over the coming months, members may wish (and would be encouraged) to undertake a lateral flow test, available free from NHS Test and Trace, prior to attending any masonic meeting and should, of course, refrain from attending if they feel at all unwell.

Should official guidance change, further advice will be forthcoming.