Visit to Domus Dei Lodge 5151


Alwarestoch lodge 7805 visited Domus Dei 5151 and was very much welcome by all of the brethren of 5151.

The ceremony was carried out to perfection and our member that attended appreciated the difference between  lodges.

We had a lovely festive board where we were welcomed several times by their Worshipful Master, and Junior Warden, Our Worshipful Master responded to the visitors toast and thanked the brethren of Domus Dei for their hospitality. I would like to personally thank W.Bro Adrian Fretter, Bro. Daniel Barrett who help us arrange our visit.

We have invited Domus Dei 5151 to a visit to our lodge in May for a First degree, so their Bro’s who we witnessed their Initiation can see one of ours.

Because of this very successful visit we look to arrange more visits to other lodges in the future.

W.Bro Maurice Freeman.

Membership Officer