Alwarestoch Website

Alwarestoch Website

New and exciting times for the Alwarestoch Lodge 7805. 

As freemasonry is entering the digital world we have decided to add our name to the many other lodge that have a presents on the World Wide Web.

We now have many younger members that has requested that electronic communications is easer and more efficient way to  communicate between the  lodge and members. so have put together this site. The site is in two parts Public/Private.  As a member you can find many aide to help with progression through the various offices in the lodge, with many more in the pipe line.

Use of forms 

There are forms that request contact with the lodge member and guest that will direct directly through to our Secretary and for booking your dinning requirements.

Breathen are encouraged to use this site whenever possible

We hope that you enjoy the site and find what you need

, and any suggestions please contact me

Scenery & Fraternally

W.Bro Maurice Freeman